PO Box 6406

Kennewick, WA 99336

Captain, Simon Villarreal  509-430-2560

Benton Franklin Mounted Sheriff's Posse

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Benton Franklin Mounted Sheriff's Posse

2016 Schedule of Events

   DATE                      EVENT                               LOCATION

February ~

​ 13th (Saturday)                   First Aid Training 9am                            Burbank

 16th Tuesday                      Monthly Meeting, 7 PM                           ARC Building, Richland 

 20th & 21st (Sat & Sun)     Home & Garden Parking 11 AM                TRAC in Pasco 


March ~ 

  12th (Saturday)                 Mark parking lot Chili Ride 9:30 AM      Horn Rapids Park

  13th ( Sunday)                   Park Horse Trailers Chili Ride 7 AM       Horn Rapids Park

  11th (Friday)                      Monster Truck Parking 5:30 PM             TRAC

  12th (Saturday)                 Monster Truck Parking 5:30                    TRAC

  15th (Tuesday)                  Monthly Meeting 7 PM                            ARC Building, Richland

  19th (Saturday)                 Challenge of Champion Bull Riding        TRAC

April ~

  19th (Tuesday)                    Monthly Meeting 7 PM                         ARC Building

  23rd (Saturday)                   Horse Races                                           Benton Franklin Fairgrounds

  24th (Sunday)                     Horse Races                                           Benton Franklin Fairgrounds

  30th (Saturday)                   Horse Races                                           Benton Franklin Fairgrounds

May ~

  7th (Saturday)                     Horse Races                                         Benton Franklin Fairgrounds

  8th (Sunday)                       Horses Races                                        Benton Franklin Fairgrounds

 14th (Saturday)                    Blues & Brews                                      Benton Franklin Fairgrounds

 17th (Tuesday)                     Monthly Meeting 7 PM                        ARC Building

June ~

July ~


     Benton Franklin Mounted Sheriff Posse, non-profit organization is looking for new

  members to join the Mounted Sheriff Posse.  For more info, call Phil Clouse 509-521-5505

     or Simon 509-430-2560.